Photos by Poppis Suomela


Endurance Quest is back!

Now with even better tracking and more exiting archipelago sections

After one year's rest the organizing team behind Endurace Quest's is exited to present the best adventure race ever held in Finland. This year's Endurance Quest will take place 21.–27.7.2014 in southern coast of Finland. The race will consist of several astonishing legs in the world's biggest archipelago and on mainland – the beautiful Western Nyland region.

The course will be about 600 km long and include probably more disciplines than any other race in the world, says course setter and former adventure race world champion Petri Forsman. The race will consist of running/trekking, mountainbiking, kayaking, canoeing, kickbiking, ropes, coasteering, rowing, packrafting, inline skating, and some surprise disciplines with interesting quests.

When Endurance Quest was last held in 2012, followers from all over the world praised the super accurate GPS-tracking that made following the race unexceptionally easy and intriguing (some may say addicting). This year the coverage will be even better with more results, pictures and video during the race – and of course with the world's best satellite-based tracking system on the web.

Endurance Quest is part of Adventure Racing World Series.

Welcome to best Endurance Quest ever!

Endurance Quest is a non-stop four-person team adventure race with winning time around 72 hours. The 2014 edition of Endurance Quest will take the racers to the beautiful archipelago, lakes and forests of national parks. Finland is well known for its unspoiled nature, thousands of lakes and islands. Racers will experience local culture through exciting places such as the historical King's road, old castles and ironworks villages. The race will be held in Western Nyland region near Helsinki. For foreign teams the transport from Helsinki airport/harbor to race headquarters is included in the entry fee.

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